31 Dec 2015


Pictures by Klaus | klaus-klemens.com

This year I'm not doing any recaps- instead of looking back, I'm looking forward. I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! Be bold and courageous! 

Body: Vero Moda
Culottes: Massimo Dutti
Heels: Prima Moda
Rings: Mango (herehere and here)
Hat: H&M
Bag: Love Moschino
Jacket: Zara

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14 Dec 2015

Crush of the month: D&G 'Sicily' Bag

I fell in love with Dolce&Gabbana back in 2012 when their baroque inspired, Ready to Wear A/W Collection saw the daylight. I was absolutely amazed by all the details and black and gold colour combo. Well, my admiration for this brand hasn't changed since then. Throughout the years, inspiration has been drawn by the famous Italian duo in everything- from Mediterranean, Sicilian
culture, to religious motives and family. Although inspirations vary, something that has never changed, is how D&G's designs show most of all, that fashion is art. D&G woman is very feminine and sensual, but strong at the same time.
The 'Sicily' bag is an iconic piece that can give a special touch to every single outfit- casual or formal. So today, I've prepared for you an ultimate wishlist of D&G gems available on Farfetch. To show you how easy to style the 'Sicily' bag is, I divided everything in three parts/outfits. Maybe you are still looking for a christmas gift for your mom, girlfriend, daughter? Or you'd just like to treat yourself?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 |17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

7 Dec 2015

Fields of gold

Pictures by Klaus | klaus-klemens.com

It's been four months since I was in New York and even now, I am still being so influenced day to day by it. After having so many experiences, I still have much to tell! I also made some notable purchases there and today, I would like to share two of these with you (even if the setting and location you're seeing it in are so much different to one in NYC).
The first purchase has a special, personal touch to it and is this beautiful hat. When I stumbled upon the Goorin Bros's cozy little shop in Williamsburg, I fell head over heels in love. Not only with the hats themselves, but also with the friendly, almost family atmosphere there. As I wanted to get something special, something American, I am really glad I bought from an iconic, family-run company with such a long tradition and heritage. Also a souvenir I can wear?! How awesome is that?! 
My second find were these Malone Souliers sandals. Before going to NYC, I put aside some money to... well, to be totally honest, splurge on something! It was obvious that in my case this was going to be shoes. Whilst making my way to all the big-name shops to find something special, and to find something that was 'totally me', I stumbled upon these at Saks. I'll have to admit, it was a little fortune for me that I've spent on them, but it was definitely worth it (especially when you can sniff out the extra discounts!) 

Jacket: Zara
Lace body: Vero Moda
Rings: Mango

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3 Dec 2015

Curly mind

It can be really tricky to curl some types of hair. I bet all the long-haired girls can relate to this. The length makes my hair pretty heavy so as a result, my curls last only for a couple of hours before  going totally straight. But every one of us likes to play a little curling game from time to time, right? So what is the answer?
I've been looking for a solution for quite a long time, like sleeping with braids (yes very effective if you want to enjoy your curls for an hour or two maximum) or curling them with curling wands (also not 100% optimal as we all know the heat can damage the hair structure). But as I am curling my hair only on rare occasions, I thought I will give a try to this Irresistible me curling wand. And I have to admit I am really happy about it. 
The thing about curling with curling wands in the past for me personally, is that due to the heating process it always took so long to do it all (taking 30 seconds to create a nice curl is not an optimal way to spend time). And imagine doing that to my hair section by section. Annoying right? So as an answer to that problem, the Saphirre curling wand takes only seconds to pre-heat and even after a few seconds of holding it wrapped with your hair, you are able to get the curl! For me this is one of the best features as well as the fact that you can also controll the temperature so you can always use low heat if your hair has been colour treated or is fragile or damaged. 
For the first time (not counting the curls made at the hairdressers, duh), the curls lasted not only just for a few hours! I could even enjoy a nice wave on the next day. Oh and have I mentioned, that you get 8 different barrels provided to get different sized and shaped curls?

Shirt: Mango
Curling wand: Irresistible me