26 Oct 2015

Back to BASICS

 Pictures by Klaus | klaus-klemens.com

Go do your Master's they said, it will be fun they said... I swear, the last two weeks were crazy. I still don't know where to start to be able to do everything on time. It's almost the end of october and I am still in the phase of getting used to and better organised in the new semester. But I guess nothing worth having is easy.  And sometimes, when some things are getting tough it's best to go back to basics as it can help put things back into perpective, right?
About the basics... I took me a while to realise what basics in fashion actually mean for me. I think every woman  wants once to peek into her wardrobe and feel that it is complete (I mean not literally, a woman can never have enough clothes, at least if you are as obsessed as me!). What I mean is, the feeling that she owns all the key pieces that work for her, saying 'that's me. The things that go with her style perfectly and are simply timeless, so even if she takes it out after two years, it's still on point. That's what basics mean for me, basics, you can always build something on. I think owning a shitload of clothes isn't the point after all, the real deal is to find the key pieces you can work around. Of course adding some new things from time to time because, you know, shopping simply is in our blood and everyone needs sth new every now and then. But, I discovered that for me, the basics are a black leather or leather-like jacket (still looking for a perfect leather one), white tee and jeans. This is the combo that works everytime, regardless if it's with sneakers, while I am running around in between classes or with a pair of high heels when going to a brunch. Needless to say, it also works very well with grey, brown or basically any colour of a shirt. 
Now, what do you guys understand as 'basics' in fashion? What are your personal basics?
I wish you all an amazing week!

Jacket: Zara
Jeans: Mango
Shirt: Zara
Heels: Prima Moda

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3 Oct 2015

Falling for the season

Pictures by Klaus | klaus-klemens.com

New semester has officially begun, which means the summer is over! But I'm definitely not crying over it... I'm so ready for the new season, which already has brought some changes into my life: new flat, new hair, new studies... I feel that there is a challenge waiting for me on every corner. And I'm excited to face it! 
Nevertheless, it was a pretty productive (but at the same time extremely relaxing) summer and I still have a few pictures left that I'd like to post. So guys, you'll still be able to see (and hopefully feel) the summer in these photographs while the weather outside is getting colder and colder. These pictures were shot around June, right before I left for NYC. Don't you think the location looks simply amazing?  
Enjoy your weekend folks!

T-Shirt: River Island (similar here and here)
Shorts: Pull&Bear
Jacket: Zara (similar here and here)
Sneakers: Nike
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

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