27 Jul 2015

While in New York: Brooklyn

"There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless"

Hi guys! So today we're starting with the first part of my NYC guide! And as I am staying in Brooklyn, I thought it will be the best idea to begin with that part of the Big Apple. But let's start from the beginning.
We (me and my travel buddy) were looking for a place to stay weeks beforehand because we wanted to have an ultimate NYC experience and not live in a very touristic, busy place. So basically, Brooklyn was the way to go. We found a flat on Airbnb and ended up in Kensington neighborhood. It takes quite a long time to get to midtown Manhattan from where we live, but our hosts compensate for many hours spent in the subway- best people ever! A thing to remember: if you ever go to NYC just count a lot of time in for travelling around the city. The Subway may be the oldest and most developed one in the world, but it still takes forever to get from one point to another. Now, let's start up with our tour (you can find the map and all the addresses at the bottom of the post).

Today I  prepared some must-see spots in Brooklyn for you. The first one is Cafe Grumpy- you can actually find them all over New York. We’ve picked this one because it was on our way . I honestly drunk one of the best coffees in my life in there!

Another place worth mentioning is the one and only Brooklyn Superhero Supply- a place where you can buy a gallon of inspiration or immortality (even self-detonation if needed). Just sayin'.

The Prospect Park- a flagship park of Brooklyn. This was the first park we visited after arriving in the city (yes, we did not go straight to Central Park). It is a perfect place to chill and have a picnic but there are also many events and concerts taking place there, you can check them out on the webpage of the park (Link). I would also recommend you to take a stroll around the park- especially Prospect Park West, which is full of beautiful townhouses.

A walk through Caroll Gardens neighborhood is a must- it is more of a residential area, very calm and full of beautiful appartment houses.

Our last stop in this part of NYC guide is Dumbo and, of course, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. As you will see on the map at the bottom, all the mentioned spots are relatively close to each other and additionally, they are all placed along the F subway line. What we did is, we got off the subway at York Street and went down through Dumbo all the way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This area will give you kind of an artsy feeling, as it is full of small, atmospheric cafeterias and art studios. When you finally get to the Brooklyn Bridge Park you will get the most beautiful view over Financial District. 

 I bet you'll be starving the moment you reach the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a famous Shake Shack Burger place right under the bridge. And if you are craving for something sweet you can go for an ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory. 

A walk through the Brooklyn Bridge is recommended but honestly, don't expect too much. The views are breathtaking that's true, but on the other hand the path is very narrow and very crowded. I totally underestimated the size of the bridge (it took us about 20 minutes to walk through!), further I did not put any sunscreen on and ended up with a sunburn... well, lesson learnt. 

So this is it for today! I hope you guys find  the guide useful and will give some of the places a try if you should ever visit NYC. Like I mentioned before, you can take a look at the map and find some additional spots that didn't make it to the pictures. Stay tuned for following posts from Manhattan!



383 7th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11215

372 5th Avenue | Brooklyn, NY 11215

1 Old Fulton Street | Brooklyn, NY 11201

1 Water Street | Brooklyn, NY 11201