27 May 2015

Spring colours

Pictures by Nikolaj Fogh-Nielsen
Edited by me

Hi guys! So it's spring, huh? I have to say I'm feeling pretty overwhelmed by the beauty of nature in that season recently. I love how everything blooms, sings and smells. I am currently at home in my hometown in Poland enjoying every second spent outside (I'm living in kind of a small town which has sights like a real countryside). Who would have thought that a person like me, who loves big, lively cities would say something like that? Well, I guess things change the older you get. 
As you might already have seen on my social pannels I finally finished my studies! I must admit I am pretty proud of myself as these years weren't easy- Translation is a pretty underestimated field of study if you ask me! So after having my Bachelor's degree finished (and already starting my Masters in Conference Interpreting) I am planning a big trip this summer as a reward for my hard work. This time it is really going to be big! I can't wait to tell you more about it but for now, I would like to keep it a little secret that only a few people know about, as I will believe it only after I get there. Fine, I will give you a little hint: I have never been to an english-speaking country and I would like to use that trip to master my english skills... Any ideas yet?
As it comes  to spring colours: I'm being honest here, my wardrobe is still kind of black&white plus a little greyish. So you can say, even though I am totally in love with the surrounding spring feeling my wardrobe stays the same. This time, I thought... a little bit of colour does not hurt every now and then, right?

Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Blouse: M by Maiocci
Bag: Love Moschino
Shoes: Prada
Watch: Michael Kors
Pants: Massimo Dutti

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