25 Mar 2015

Girl talk: Lace bras and bralettes

Let's be honest- we all love pretty things. No matter if it is a diamond ring on our middle finger, an Oscar de la Renta dress or a cute headband- we simply like to surround ourselves with beautiful items. A perfect outfit, a pair of shoes we've been dreaming about for many nights... you know what I'm talking about. And we obviously love to wear pretty things underneath as well. As lace bra trend has taken over this season I prepared for you guys the finest selection of the best pieces you can currently find on the internet. Aren't they cute?

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Black Lace Cropped Top | How to Wear & What to Wear With & Where to Buy

17 Mar 2015

Grey up!

Pictures by Nikolaj Fogh-Nielsen
Edited by me

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Today I'm sharing a laid back look I wore over the weekend. Recently, I am into only three colours- black, white and grey. I don't know why- I simply can't help it. You can see the result of that sudden obsession on the pictures below. I scored those boots on sale and I have to say, I am totally in love with them- they not only look great but are also very comfortable (which is a rare thing nowadays if you ask me). How do you like that monochrome outfit? By the way, I swear me and my photographer must have some kind of a bad luck with the weather as we always somehow manage to pick the worst day to take pictures- it's always windy and cloudy (not to mention I am freezing my buttons off). But once again- we did it! Also worth mentioning is the location- the beautiful Burggarten in Vienna is surely on every tourist guide and definitely worth taking a look at. I can also highly recommend visiting the restaurant that is located in Burggarten- Palmenhaus is beyond amazing. If you enjoy brunching among palm trees even in the middle of winter it is definitely a place for you. And their wiener schnitzel is so good it'll melt in your mouth!

Boots: Kazar
Bag: Humanic (similar here and here)
Vest: Forever 21
Sweatshirt: Forever 21
Body chain: River Island (similar here)
Rings: H&M

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9 Mar 2015

Black lace

Pictures by Nikolaj Fogh-Nielsen
Edited by me

Hi guys! How have you been recently? I've been pretty busy since I got back to Vienna after (too!) short winter holidays in Poland. But I've charged the batteries and I am ready to get back to work!
You might not know but I am not really a big fan of all-black-everything looks. In my opinion it's taking the easy way out because black on black always looks  good regardless of fabric type, shapes etc. Don't get me wrong- I wear total looks in black on a daily basis as well. While in a hurry (or simply out of sheer laziness) I know, if I put blacks on it will work out somehow. So if you see me all bundled up in black strolling through the city with a grumpy face, don't be surprised- I'm probably in a black mood and it's better to stay away unless you want me to bite your head off (just kidding- I promise I don't bite and am always up to a nice conversation). Anyway, all-black looks have that special something that makes all of us (including me) wear it no matter what... Don't you think? 

Bag: Love Moschino (here)
Shoes: Kat Maconie
Watch: Michael Kors (here)
Skirt: Cotton Club
Lace body: Vero Moda

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