28 Aug 2014

Gold dust

Pictures by Michael Smolka

It's been a while since the last post but believe me, there is a reason for that. As the summer slowly comes to an end I am doing my best to live these last days to the fullest and get as much rest as possible before the new semester kicks in. 
I’ve been so excited to share this new article with you guys since I wanted to send a small message behind it. As you already may have noticed I am a freak when it comes to the quality of "things". I prefer to spend a little bit more on something than buying 3 or 4 pieces for a lower price. This relates especially to accessories such as sunglasses, bags and most of all- shoes. (Note that this pair of Kat Maconie Velma beauties is of special importance and became a kind of a symbol for me because it was a first pair of shoes I financially fully covered with money I earned myself). In this particular outfit I wanted to achieve a sleek, elegant look and to show the power of good accessories. I got the dress for about 5€ as I quickly needed a tight black dress. I think it still does the work and looks pretty elegant and glamourous (needless to say, the quality of the dress isn't that great). As I am NOT an accessories person, it is even more surprising for me to say that accessories CAN actually make a look. I mean, has anyone ever seen me with loads of accesories and jewelry such as bracelets, rings and so on? So I guess, after all, the power of accessories (that can make a cheaper dress look sleek and elegant) is not to be underestimated.
 Now, after coming back from Austria yesterday I'm back to packing things up as tomorrow I'm leaving to Italy! Hope you guys are doing fantastic!

Shoes: Kat Maconie (here)
Sunglasses: Miu Miu
Earrings: Mango
Bag: Steve Madden
Dress: New Yorker

5 Aug 2014

The girl from the newspaper

 Pictures by Karol Lasota

Dress: Royal Collection (similar here)
Heels: Venezia
Bag: Gino Rossi
Bracelet: Pandora
Glasses: Miu Miu