19 Dec 2013

A letter to Santa

Since Christmas is just around the corner and I really can't stand waiting for it to come anymore (yes, I am one of that type of people, who really adore Christmas and as soon as the first lights are lightning up the streets I am running around with a goofy smile, smelling like cinnamon and oranges) today I've prepared  the ultimate gift guide and, I have to admit, also my personal wishlist (pretty please, Santa?).  I think wrong presents do not actually exist... all that counts is the gesture- doesn't matter if it is seing a family member by the christmas table or whether it is a common thing such as a pen or a necklace. Everyone is different but we all need the warmth, respect and faith. Today I am going to focus of course only on that "materialistic part", hoping to give you at least a glimpse of inspiration. 

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12 Dec 2013


Pictures by alex-S

Shirt: Montego via Peek&Cloppenburg
Jeans: Big Star (old)
Shoes: Prima Moda
Lips: Diva by MAC

3 Dec 2013

Keep it simple!

Pictures by alex-S

After quite a long time (again...) here I am again with the new post. And I have to admit this paricular post is of special importance for me. As you may already have noticed, the photos vary a little bit from those that are usually to see in here. And indeed the whole process was a little bit different than usual.  It was my first studio shooting ever and I have to say it was a  bit of a challenge for me since I have no experience in such an environment. But all in all I am more than happy with the output! What's more, there are so many photos that I love, I´ve decided to split the material into two parts/posts. So stay tuned for the upcoming post with the rest of the pictures!
When it comes to the outfit I went for something very classical. Since I wanted the end-effect of the photos to be very clear yet kind of strong I choose something very simple, that wouldnt look "exaggerated". After all, what could go wrong with a black and white look including your favourite pair of heels, old jeans and a white shirt?
What do you guys think? Would you like to see  that kind of photos more often on the blog? 

Jeans: Big Star (old)
Heels: Prima Moda
Shirt 1 and 2: Zara
Leather jacket: Promod
Winter jacket: Hugo Boss