19 Dec 2013

A letter to Santa

Since Christmas is just around the corner and I really can't stand waiting for it to come anymore (yes, I am one of that type of people, who really adore Christmas and as soon as the first lights are lightning up the streets I am running around with a goofy smile, smelling like cinnamon and oranges) today I've prepared  the ultimate gift guide and, I have to admit, also my personal wishlist (pretty please, Santa?).  I think wrong presents do not actually exist... all that counts is the gesture- doesn't matter if it is seing a family member by the christmas table or whether it is a common thing such as a pen or a necklace. Everyone is different but we all need the warmth, respect and faith. Today I am going to focus of course only on that "materialistic part", hoping to give you at least a glimpse of inspiration. 

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12 Dec 2013


Pictures by alex-S

Shirt: Montego via Peek&Cloppenburg
Jeans: Big Star (old)
Shoes: Prima Moda
Lips: Diva by MAC

3 Dec 2013

Keep it simple!

Pictures by alex-S

After quite a long time (again...) here I am again with the new post. And I have to admit this paricular post is of special importance for me. As you may already have noticed, the photos vary a little bit from those that are usually to see in here. And indeed the whole process was a little bit different than usual.  It was my first studio shooting ever and I have to say it was a  bit of a challenge for me since I have no experience in such an environment. But all in all I am more than happy with the output! What's more, there are so many photos that I love, I´ve decided to split the material into two parts/posts. So stay tuned for the upcoming post with the rest of the pictures!
When it comes to the outfit I went for something very classical. Since I wanted the end-effect of the photos to be very clear yet kind of strong I choose something very simple, that wouldnt look "exaggerated". After all, what could go wrong with a black and white look including your favourite pair of heels, old jeans and a white shirt?
What do you guys think? Would you like to see  that kind of photos more often on the blog? 

Jeans: Big Star (old)
Heels: Prima Moda
Shirt 1 and 2: Zara
Leather jacket: Promod
Winter jacket: Hugo Boss 

9 Nov 2013

Autumn melancholy

Pictures by Andreas Madl

This time I felt like doing something a little different than usual. You can see the results below. Please do let me know what do you think of those pictures guys!

Dress: Bershka (old)
Tights: Gatta
Heels: Venezia

19 Oct 2013

Sky is the limit

Pictures by Lukas Preisinger

As I promised here comes my another idea of styling this stunning River Island dress. This time I wanted to do something different, you know like trying kind of other style than usually (isn't it out of your comfort zone where magic happens?). Anyway, we shoot these pictures right near Danube Canal (Donaukanal) in Vienna. Believe me, it is a great place to go to on hot summer evenings to hang out with friends and have a couple of cocktails. Next time shooting there I will take care that there are also photos of different locations there, just to give you guys some tips and brief review of what's to find near Danube Canal. 

Dress: River Island
Jeans jacket: H&M (old)
Shoes: H&M

12 Oct 2013

Little princess

Pictures by Lukas Preisinger 

After quite a long time away here I am again! Please excuse my absence but since the new semester begun I am more than busy with my studies, especially because I started with yet another studies namely sinology (and YES, chinese language is extremely difficult!). 
I was more than excited and really couldn't wait to share that particular look with you guys. I was waiting a long long time to wear that beautiful dress from Rihanna's collection for River Island. Even though I am not a big fan of Rihanna's style (let's just say it isn't my cup of tea), I fell in love with that dress straight away! I find it so chic and sexy. And you already may have noticed that I love to style some pieces in different ways (read: Variations of the white coat Part 12 and 3) there will follow a post with another look including this fabolous dress. But this time it will be more casual.
For this particular outfit I was looking for a noble place that would stress the elegant character of it. And so we shoot these photos in the fabolous Lichtensteinpark in 9th district. It is a real gem right in the center of Vienna (seriously guys it is really amazing that you can find and enter such calm and beautiful place straight from a busy street). So make sure to check it out next time!

After all, I guess there is a little princess in every girl... right? 

Dress: Rihanna for River Island
Shoes: Prima Moda
Blazer: H&M
Lips: Mac Diva