29 May 2017


 Marble, pearls, and Gucci. You might wonder what these things have in common... Well, that's what I want to present to you today - my recent obsessions.

Ever since Alessandro Michele took over as the creative director for Gucci, the world has gone crazy about the brand (including me!). I would bet that you've been seeing this double G buckle belt literally everywhere recently, and I just simply couldn't help myself but get it. I swear it transforms every single outfit and gives it that special touch.

When it comes to pearls... to be honest with you, I haven't always been a big fan. I somehow always associated them with older ladies and considered them old-fashioned. However, I've recently realised how much of a misconception this was. What I originally considered to be old-fashioned turns out to just be timeless and now I'm crushing over these Dior earrings.

Finally marble... Well actually, I don't think I have to comment on how stunning this marble staircase is, do I?

Have a great week everyone!

Blazer&Pants: ZARA (blazer here, similar pants here and here)
Belt: Gucci (here)
Sneakers: Nike (here)
Shirt: Broadway
Bag: Love Moschino



  1. Love this style. You look so chic.
    xx Veronika


  2. This look is so chic! Totally suits you :)

    xx, rebecca

  3. This is such a beautiful look!

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  5. Love so so much this outfit!! Specially the coat!!
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