20 Oct 2016

#VFW part 2

Pictures by Martin Phox

Get out of your comfort zone! I bet all of us have heard this sentence more than once before and it's exactly what I've done with this outfit!
You may notice it differs a bit from what you might usually see on my blog, but I have to admit that during the hot summer days it was one of my favourite looks- mostly because these pants with a slit are a god send when it gets a bit too hot!
The pictures for this outfit were mostly taken at one U-bahn station, as it just seemed to go so well with the vibe of the outfit. 
Let me know what you guys think!

Pants: Zara (here)
Shoes: Kazar
Shirt: H&M (here)
Glasses: H&M
Bag: Ryłko

Women's Light Blue Off Shoulder Top, Black Wide Leg Pants, Black Leather Flat Sandals, White Leather Crossbody Bag on Lookastic: Light Blue Off Shoulder Top, Black Wide Leg Pants, Black Leather Flat Sandals, White Leather Crossbody Bag


  1. Looks amazing, I just wanna to know more about this, thanks for sharing baby!


  2. Amazing look babe! You look so beautiful and stylish! I am still thinking about your 70s glasses, what a piece! You have a great style and this look is no exception!
    Happy Monday babe and congrats on today's feature!

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  4. Wow! Looking like a doll. The outfit is simply gorgeous! I have seen this type of dresses, jewelries & accessories in Boutiqueken. They also sell long shirts for women.

  5. I am loving to see your posts. You have just had a fashionable outfit . Anyone in this blog should love them very much. I also want to have outfit like this. This glasses are too good and cool. I am loving your posts and fashion accessories. Here is maidenform t shirt bra I also prefer them for my outfit.


  6. Hi,
    Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Bangla Choti

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