22 Jun 2016

Wind Strewn

Pictures by Martin Phox

Remember my recent post Obsessed: NUDE? (see hereWell, I think these pictures are the best proof that my total-look-nude-obsession is getting serious! I had been leaning towards this H&M coat for quite some time before deciding to buy it. So long in fact, that by the time I went to buy it, it was already sold out in the first two stores I had seen it in previously. Thankfully, I got my hands on it in the end and I've been making the most out of it before the summer heat truly kicks in.

Whilst taking these pictures we managed to catch some windy weather that really made this coat fly. I absolutely love wearing materials that flutter in the wind (not so much my hair though) and this seemed to be a perfect combination. But take a look yourself and let me know what you think!

Jumpsuit: Fraternity
Coat: H&M
Shoes: Prima Moda
Rings: Mango
Bag: Love Moschino (similar here)
Necklace set: Zara

Women's Camel Coat, Beige Leather Heeled Sandals, White and Black Quilted Leather Satchel Bag, Black Sunglasses on Lookastic: Camel Coat, Beige Leather Heeled Sandals, White and Black Quilted Leather Satchel Bag, Black Sunglasses

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