20 Jan 2016

Lace up (bodysuits)!

I bet recently, you've  seen a vast amount of pictures featuring girls wearing dresses, tops and bodysuits with a lace up front. The 70s revival obviously makes us think of a hippie-boho vibe, but it doesn't always have to conjure up images of  retro round frame sunglasses and floor length floral dresses. It can be played off as glamourous and sexy- pair it with skinny jeans or a high waisted mini skirt et voil√†! You've got that modern twist to a 70s trend.
However, a word of warning to girls with a bigger cup size!! Too big of a cleavage can make it look a little bit vulgar, so be careful with picking the right cut. Now, enjoy my picks of the best lace up bodysuits available online! 

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