14 Dec 2015

Crush of the month: D&G 'Sicily' Bag

I fell in love with Dolce&Gabbana back in 2012 when their baroque inspired, Ready to Wear A/W Collection saw the daylight. I was absolutely amazed by all the details and black and gold colour combo. Well, my admiration for this brand hasn't changed since then. Throughout the years, inspiration has been drawn by the famous Italian duo in everything- from Mediterranean, Sicilian
culture, to religious motives and family. Although inspirations vary, something that has never changed, is how D&G's designs show most of all, that fashion is art. D&G woman is very feminine and sensual, but strong at the same time.
The 'Sicily' bag is an iconic piece that can give a special touch to every single outfit- casual or formal. So today, I've prepared for you an ultimate wishlist of D&G gems available on Farfetch. To show you how easy to style the 'Sicily' bag is, I divided everything in three parts/outfits. Maybe you are still looking for a christmas gift for your mom, girlfriend, daughter? Or you'd just like to treat yourself?

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