13 Nov 2015

I Woke Up Like This

Pictures by Klaus | klaus-klemens.com

I don't know if you remember, but I once said that wearing all black everything outfits in my opinion is being lazy. Whatever you put on regardless of the materials and form, in black everything will go well together. Well, I am still of this opinion but I have to admit I've been using this trick A LOT recently. With autumn kicking in and days getting shorter and darker I can't help but to allow myself to be a little lazy. I've fallen in love with black all over again. So I think nobody will be surprised that the outfit in this post is my absolute favourite one these days. I also prefer comfort and coziness, so you can imagine how much I love this blouse from Yoins. It's warm, comfortable, and the letter print gives it a little bit more character don't you think? A perfect piece to put on for a busy day. 

Leather pants: Olsen
Boots: Kazar
Bag: Love Moschino
Hat: H&M

Get this look for $62+ on Lookastic: Black Long Sleeve Blouse, Black Leather Skinny Pants, Black Leather Ankle Boots, Black Quilted Clutch

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