18 Sep 2015

Colour me up!

Pictures by Jose J.Martinez

'There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless...'

 A while ago you  had the opportunity to see the first part of pictures taken at at the rooftop of The Residences at W New York- Downtown (Link). Like I promised, in this part you will be able see some more of the breathtaking views this place has to offer (can you spot the Empire State Building in the background?).  Another thing, that makes this post special, are the outfits. As you already might have noticed, I am not wearing many colours on an everyday basis; my wardrobe is basically limited to naturals like black,white and grey. And if there is one thing that you should definitely do in NYC - it is not visiting the Empire State Building, Times Square or having a NY pizza!- It is getting out of your comfort zone (cause that's where the magic happens right?). So when I stumbled upon Louis' work I knew that's what I needed! Colours, florals, patterns... I literally felt like a kid in a candy shop. Overall, I think my colour therapy was a big success!
As for now I wish you all an amazing weekend, enjoy the pictures and stay tuned as there is a lot more to come!


Shoes: Badura

Dress worn as a top: River Island


  1. Wow, that first dress is so amazing! You look stunning in all outfits! :D

  2. выше всех похвал

  3. Your style is absolutely wonderful and photos are amazing. I'm your truly fan.


    1. Thank you so much dear! I'm really glad to hear that <3 Love!