6 Jun 2015

Top 5 fashion bloggers to follow now

Have you been wondering which bloggers are absolutely top right now? Who to follow? Are you looking for some inspiration? Well, wait no more! Here is the ultimate list of crème de la crème of fashion bloggers you need to follow NOW.

*all the pictures come from the blogs listed

Fashion, travel, lifestyle... and all that caught in breathtaking photographs. Under the motto "The glass is always half full" Garry Pepper website is a place where colours meet creativity. 

If you love great photography, Shine By Three is definitely a website worth taking a look at. Margaret Zhang is a writer, stylist and photographer based in Sydney. And if that wasn't enough, she also studies law- that's what I call a busy person!

What would such a list be without a male representant? Adam Gallagher is definitely the best (and most handsome!) example, that fashion and blogging is meant not only for women. With his unique style and the ease, with which he mixes casual and formal, this boy next door inspires men all over the world.

Micah Gianneli- now that's what I call a badass style! Mixing androgynism with feminine sex appeal is her speciality. Her plain and sleek looks combined with sophisticated, light photographs confirm the rule that less is more. It's that simple!

My personal favourite and absolute number 1 is Kristina Bazan- a 21-year-old (!) multitasker, who is not afraid of any challenge. From fashion through dancing to singing- everything she does turns out great. It makes me think there is nothing she cannot do!

And what are your favourites? Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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