18 Jan 2014

Cozy at home

Pictures by Andreas Madl

Again, after quite a long time (I begin every post like that- it REALLY has to change!) here I am again. Since the weather does not always align with our plans, we sometimes need to find a golden mean. I  wanted to go for something more casual- while strolling through the city on everyday basis I obviously am not wearing sky- high heels and fancy clothing. I feel that sometimes, everyone just needs to put on like the oldest pants ever and a baggy blouse to get through a really busy day, full of running around the city.  
I have to admit: the shooting, which resulted in following photos, was the coziest one ever! The pictures were taken in my own room (so you could see the Chicken Soup in its natural habitat), which was so unbelievably comfortable and made so much fun! That is how I normally look like when I have thousand things to do at the university etc. Speaking of which- I have to go back to studying! 

Blouse: Mango
Pants: Halens (old)
Rings: Mango (here on sale!)


  1. Found u on lookbook
    Really love your blog!
    Keep in touch!


  2. jest i łóżko! :D ;)
    świetne zdjęcia!

  3. amazing photos! the photography is wonderful and you're a great model!
    your blog is so unique! keep it up!

    1. Thank you very much Bobby for visiting my blog! I am really glad that you like it and thanks for your kind words- it means a lot to me! <3