19 Dec 2013

A letter to Santa

Since Christmas is just around the corner and I really can't stand waiting for it to come anymore (yes, I am one of that type of people, who really adore Christmas and as soon as the first lights are lightning up the streets I am running around with a goofy smile, smelling like cinnamon and oranges) today I've prepared  the ultimate gift guide and, I have to admit, also my personal wishlist (pretty please, Santa?).  I think wrong presents do not actually exist... all that counts is the gesture- doesn't matter if it is seing a family member by the christmas table or whether it is a common thing such as a pen or a necklace. Everyone is different but we all need the warmth, respect and faith. Today I am going to focus of course only on that "materialistic part", hoping to give you at least a glimpse of inspiration. 

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