12 Oct 2013

Little princess

Pictures by Lukas Preisinger 

After quite a long time away here I am again! Please excuse my absence but since the new semester begun I am more than busy with my studies, especially because I started with yet another studies namely sinology (and YES, chinese language is extremely difficult!). 
I was more than excited and really couldn't wait to share that particular look with you guys. I was waiting a long long time to wear that beautiful dress from Rihanna's collection for River Island. Even though I am not a big fan of Rihanna's style (let's just say it isn't my cup of tea), I fell in love with that dress straight away! I find it so chic and sexy. And you already may have noticed that I love to style some pieces in different ways (read: Variations of the white coat Part 12 and 3) there will follow a post with another look including this fabolous dress. But this time it will be more casual.
For this particular outfit I was looking for a noble place that would stress the elegant character of it. And so we shoot these photos in the fabolous Lichtensteinpark in 9th district. It is a real gem right in the center of Vienna (seriously guys it is really amazing that you can find and enter such calm and beautiful place straight from a busy street). So make sure to check it out next time!

After all, I guess there is a little princess in every girl... right? 

Dress: Rihanna for River Island
Shoes: Prima Moda
Blazer: H&M
Lips: Mac Diva