16 Sep 2013

Yellow in VIC

Pictures by Lukas Preisinger

Since I am the biggest fan of Vienna (seriously I fell in love with this city straight away!) I would love to share and show some of the amazing places, that make this particular city so unique. One of the worth mentioning places out there is Vienna International Centre located in 22nd dictrict. VIC is a building complex, hosting the United Nations Office, which makes this city, after New York, Geneva and Nairobi, one of the 4 UN centres  in the world! (quite awesome, right?) Even though the beauty of VIC architecture style is questionable for many people, I found it really interesting to  walk among all these urban buildings and feel kind of small in this modern surrounding. In order to add a little bit of colour to that monochrome glass landscape, I picked a bright yellow shirt. I think it really matches with all this blue background, don't you think?

Also I  happen to be freshly after Vienna Fashion Week (which unfortunately was a little bit dissapointing but hey let's remember only the positives!) so stay tuned for next posts including my outfits from this event.

Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Shirt: Monnari (PL)
Bag: Monnari 
Shoes: Simple (PL)
Sunglasses: Aldo

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