13 Sep 2013

The beginning | Variations of the white coat PART 1

Pictures by Lukas Preisinger

After about 1 year of preparations it finally happens: At last I can say "Welcome to my blog! My very own window of fashion and lifestyle." There were some ups and downs but I guess the final output counts. For me this is the new begining, the beginning of something new yet very important. There are many people I would like to thank for supporting me but we will get to that later. Another thing, please excuse my spelling and stylistic mistakes or any other errors since English isn't my native language, to be honest not really my thing either. But believe me, I constantly want to improve my skills. Therefore feel free to correct me in comments- I will be very grateful for that!  But let's skip the "getting-too-long" introduction part and move on to more interesting things. 

I guess almost everybody has its own favorite piece during the season (or even over few seasons). For me this spring belonged to that white coat. It is such a timeless piece that goes with almost everything. Therefore I picked 3 outfits that contain this particular piece. Enjoy the first part of the Variations of the white coat!

White coat: Zara
Jeans: Massimo Dutti
Shirt: MassimoDutti
Bag: Monnari (PL)
Shoes: Prima Moda (old)
Glasses: Monashe (PL)

P.S. Note that the shoes I picked for this outfit are actually my first high heels ever, my dad bought me about 6-7  years ago. 

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  1. great look Rosol! I can't wait for the next variation.
    XO ;*