23 Sep 2013

MQ Vienna Fashion Week 2013 impressions

Last weekend, after a year of waiting, I finally attended the Vienna Fashion Week: to be honest- if you expect it to be on an international level you can get a little bit disappointed. It wasn't really satisfactory when it comes to organisation and I personally would choose models more carefully. But besides these details it was a great experience and of course it was definetly worth it to see all these amazing designers!  And that's the most important thing about it, isn't it? So let's forget about negative aspects and focus on positive ones.
I have to admit I was very impressed by some designers. Therefore I picked up some of my favourite looks and wanted to share my impressions. Worth mentioning are my polish natives Monika Blazusiak and Kamila Gawronska- Kasperska. You two girls just rocked it! I loved Monika's very feminine look and how she played with materials. By Kamila on the other hand, I was amazed by shapes and cutting. The collection was classy and  feminine yet very modern. I am so proud that Poland had such an amazing designer representation! Congratulations girls!

If you would like to take a closer look and watch some videos of all shows during this years fashion week here is the LINK

Monika Błażusiak 
Pictures by Petra Gschwendter

Kamila Gawronska-KasperskaPictures by Petra Gschwendter

Manufaktur HerzblutPictures by Thomas Lerch

Prieston by Noemi Nagy Pictures by Petra Gschwendter

Jchoerl | Paptiste | Draskovits
Pictures by Petra Gschwendter

Irina Schrotter | Michaela Glavan 
Pictures by Stefan Wolf

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